Emerald Fire Technology has offices in Cork serving the Munster Area, and in Naas, serving the greater Dublin area. Our customer base stretches from West Clare to the Isle of Man, and from Waterford to Killybegs. We supply and commission Fire Detection and Alarm Systems, Gas Detection, Voice Alarm Systems, Disabled Refuge Alarms, Nurse Call Systems and provide a full maintenance service.

HEAD OFFICE: Riverpark House, Marina Commercial Park, Cork.

Tel: +353 21 4840834 Fax: +353 21 4840835

REGIONAL OFFICE: Kilcullen Road. Naas, Co. Kildare.

Tel: +353 45 882211 Fax: +353 45 882222

Email: sales.admin@emeraldfire.ie

Fire Detection

Emerald Fire Technology offers a comprehensive range of fire detection technology from the simplest conventional systems to large campus networks using fibre-optic networks. We also offer sophisticated early-warning smoke detection for use in cleanrooms and other hi-spec applications. We have considerable experience in industrial applications where bespoke engineering solutions are required.

Gas Detection

We offer a range of gas detection solutions which vary from simple one-off detectors to complex addressable systems. We supply a range of replacement cells and also hand-held gas detection for confined space entry. We also can supply the Vesda ECO which uses existing air-sampling smoke detection pipework to detect gas. In addition to detcing flammable or toxic gases we can also monitor oxygen levels.

Fire Suppression

Firetrace fire suppression is a cost-effective and fail-safe method of protecting key electrical panels. These systems require small amounts of extinguishant compared to room-sized systems and when activated apply the extinguishant directly at the point of combustion and also activate the fire alarm system. These systems are often fitted following an MCC room fire which results in expensive down-time.

Suppliers of

    World-leading Fire Detection Systems
    Aspirating Early-Warning Systems
    Industrial Gas Detection Systems
  • C-TEC
    Conventional Fire Alarms
    Fire Suppression Systems
    Voice Alarms & Disabled Refuge Systems
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About Us

Emerald Fire Technology Ltd. is an Irish-owned independent company that was formed in 2001. We have been involved in major projects in all areas of commerce and industry, including universities, airports, pharmaceutical plants, cleanrooms, hotels, shopping centres, meat factories, incinerators, night clubs, schools, substations, and high-end private residences.

Emerald Fire Technology has been a member of The Fire Engineering Systems Association since it's foundation.